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Rosco 2 CH/DMX LitePad Dimmer

Rosco 2 CH/DMX LitePad Dimmer

This is a Rosco Two Channel DMX Dimmer for the LitePad LED panel. The compact dimmer module has two output channels of manual control via sliding faders, independently dimming two separate LitePad units or groups of units. A maximum total load of five Amps can be split between the two channels.

For applications where automated control via the DMX protocol is desired, simply plug the dimmer unit into a DMX chain and assign an address via digital display pad. A DMX signal present overrides any setting of the manual faders. If the DMX signal is lost, control reverts immediately to any setting of the manual fader. The 12V power to the unit is provided by the 1A, 3A or 5A transformer included with the purchase of a LitePad.

This dimmer has ports to plug in two LitePads or two groups of LitePads.It uses two channels on your lighting console.

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