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RapcoHorizon LTIGBLOX Laptop/Computer Interface

RapcoHorizon LTIGBLOX Laptop/Computer Interface

Use RapcoHorizon's LTIBLOX balanced audio converter to plug your laptop or music player into pro-level mixers or recorders - and take total command over your volume levels while you do it. The LTIBLOX has a 1/8" male input that plugs into your device's headphone or output jack. It also includes a balanced XLR output that matches up perfectly with all kinds of studio and live sound gear. An onboard volume control lets you dial in the level that works best, with a minimum of effort. You'll appreciate this handy little box's tough aluminum housing and quality handwired connectors. 

RapcoHorizon LTIBLOX 1/8" to XLR Balanced Audio Converter Features:
  • Converts input from consumer-grade equipment to a mic-level balanced output
  • Adjustable volume control for output signal
  • 1/8" male input and XLR male output
  • Fits in your pocket, gig bag, or toolbox
  • Black powdercoated aluminum chassis
  • Hand-soldered connectors

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